Find Me a Girlfriend

Do you want to find a girlfriend? Does it piss you off with envy to see guys with their girlfriends wandering around holding hands? Are your buddies hooking up with girls and you’re not? Enough!

Here are a few techniques that you can use to draw women to you and find a girlfriend ASAP!

  • First: Get your butt out and socialize

If your role in finding a girlfriend is to sit at home, or read a book in the library while thinking about how to get a girlfriend, then the fault is yours. Like they’re just gonna come to you when the time is right, really? You have to get out, go out with your friends. Make new one’s while you’re out there. Remaining in your comfort zone will do you no good.

Start by asking a friend to introduce you to a new group where there are girls. Take time to be with them and know them. You’ll find things begin to roll for you.

If you believe you’re social but it’s still hard for you to find a girlfriend, “check yourself”.
Do you come off as over-confident, boastful, or think highly of yourself? Don’t be an arrogant putz.

If you appear desperate for a girl or keep criticizing people, then no girl will be interested in becoming your girlfriend. She’s gonna wonder if you talk the same way about her when she’s not around. Though it may be difficult to change yourself, and yes I know some of you are saying I’m not changing who I am, she should like me for who I am. True, but if that were working then you wouldn’t be reading this now would you. So suck it up!
Stop being overtly proud of yourself, Stop condemning people to make you look better, and Stop bragging. It doesn’t work.

  • Next: Here’s a novel idea. Try being a friend to her first

If the girl becomes aware that you’re searching for a girlfriend, then you may put her off. If you really like a girl and she in turn likes your company, then you’ll need to handle her carefully. Avoid getting tempted to become romantic as it will leave her embarrassed or possibly scared. Give her time and take your time to know her better. Share your thoughts and interests and be there for her whenever possible. Try to be with her (but not obsessively) and avoid criticizing her. It will not go over well if you tell her how she has gained weight or how her dress makes her look funny. Ensure that you are there when she needs you, talk to her honestly, and compliment her naturally (do not overdo this or she’ll feel you’re faking it).

  • Finally and Most Importantly: Incorporate humor in your conversation

Avoid always talking about serious stuff. That gets boring as hell and is a turn off for most girls. Instead girls love the company of guys who are smart and chilled out. You can only achieve this if you are witty and showcase your humorous side quite often. Make her laugh. Share sarcastic jokes, slapstick jokes, or recall a funny incident. Especially when it involved her. She’ll remember how good she felt and how you’re making her feel now. Think about that. If you can make her feel good when you’re around her then she’ll be the one who can’t get enough of you. Avoid vulgar or racy jokes as they can create a bad impression of you. They can also be taken the wrong way and create an impression that you just want to get in her pants. Remember you want a girlfriend not just a one nighter.

Start using these tips and you’ll no longer be sitting back watching those other guys have a good time with their girlfriends. Instead, you’ll be able to attract girls and certainly make one of them your girlfriend.

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